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Possible solutions:

– You may have entered an incorrect login (account number) or an incorrect password for your trading account. If you have forgotten your password, please check the email that was sent during your registration process. Look for an email from the Swiss company that was sent to confirm your registration – your login details may be found in this email. Please note that passwords are case sensitive, please make sure that the password is entered correctly as it may include symbols or uppercase/lowercase letters. Or you can easily copy and paste the password.

– For MetaTrader 4 FX demo accounts, the server name should be “SwissFS FX Demo”. For real accounts, the server name should be “SwissFS FX Real”. You can change the server name by selecting it from the options menu.

Please note that the login for MetaTrader 4 is the number of your forex trading account with the Swissfs Company for Direct Trading in Currency, Metals and Commodities and in order to trade, you will need to use the trader’s password that you received when opening your account, similarly with the password for reports, which allows viewing only. Make sure that your login and password do not contain any spaces or gaps before or after the password.

This means that your real account has not been activated. In order to activate your account for trading, you must make a minimum deposit. Please review account types for details of the minimum deposit. Demo accounts do not require activation.

Possible solutions:

Please check your internet connection, there may be a problem with your internet service provider. You can try browsing popular web pages. If some pages failed to open, contact your Internet service provider’s technical support.

Try disabling or re-installing the antivirus or firewall installed on your computer. Blocking some internet connection ports such as 443 and 444 may have prevented Metatrader from establishing a connection. You should open these ports to enable Metatrader to function properly, also you can try to disable the Firewall or Antivirus completely and restart your computer.

If you are trading from a work computer, your internet connection may be going through the company’s security servers. Please ask your system administrator to provide you with the proxy server details such as IP address, server type and port. You must then enter this data into your MetaTrader 4 (Tools menu > Options > Server > Enable Proxy > Proxy).

Please ask your system administrator about the availability of ports 443 and 444 in the business network. If ports 443 and 444 are closed, you will not be able to use MetaTrader 4. You can ask your system administrator to open these ports for your station.

Possible solutions:

– The trading session for this financial instrument has not started yet. Please check the trading hours indicated in this table (click on any instrument for more details).

– If you are trying to buy or sell a futures contract, it is possible that it has expired and the trade is closed. Sometimes, before 1-2 days before the expiration date, the futures contract may be switched to “close only” mode, thus opening new positions will not be allowed.

– Try restarting the trading platform.

You will receive such an error if there are not enough funds available (“Available Margin”) in your trading account. Please check the Trader’s Calculator for the amount of margin required for a particular trading instrument and the margin or hedge calculation for all open positions. If you are getting an insufficient funds message when trying to open new trades, you can close some of your existing trades or deposit additional funds to your trading account.

You can wait a little while then try again, if your previous order was not fulfilled or perhaps the trading server did not fulfill it due to a possible problem with your Internet connection. Restarting MetaTrader 4 may help solve the issue.

When MetaTrader 4 is running, look at the bottom and you will see many tabs such as: – Trading | Account Register | News | Alerts | Etc. – Select the ‘Account History’ tab, right-click in the open space and select ‘All History’. You should now be able to see the history of all transactions made on the account. We offer the best forex trading services in the Middle East–Customer Support & Product Support.

Please go to the “Account History” tab at the bottom of the MetaTrader 4 window and right-click, from the menu, choose “Save as Detailed Report”.

How to interpret the detailed report:

Gross Net Profit – the financial result of all trades. This represents the difference between “total profit” and “total loss”;

Gross Profit – the sum of all profitable trades.

Total Loss – the sum of all losing trades;

Profit factor – the ratio between total profit and total loss in percentages. A ratio of one means that these amounts are equal;

Expected return – the computed forecast of profit. These factors are calculated statistically and represent the average profit/loss factor from a single trade. It can also refer to the expected profitability/non-profitability of the upcoming trade;

Absolute withdrawal – the difference between the initial deposit amount and the minimum balance without the deposit;

Maximum withdrawal – maximum loss in the deposited currency and as a percentage of the deposit;

Total Trades – The total amount of trades made.

Short Trades (Profit%) – The number of short trades and the percentage of profit from them.

Long trades (% profit) – the number of long trades and the percentage of profit from them.

Profitable trades (% of the total) – the volume of profitable trade deals and their portion of the total deals, in percentage.

Losing trades (% of total) – the amount of unprofitable trade deals and their portion of the total trades, in percentages.

Biggest Trading Profit – The biggest profit among all profitable trades.

Biggest loss in trading – the biggest loss among all unprofitable trades.

Average Trading Profit – the average profit value during a trade (the sum of profits divided by the amount of profitable trades).

Average Trading Loss – the average value of the loss during a trade (the sum of losses divided by the amount of unprofitable trades);

Maximum consecutive profit (profit of money) – the longest series of profitable trade deals and their total profit.

Maximum consecutive losses (loss of money) – the longest series of unprofitable trade deals and the sum of their losses;

Consecutive Maximum Profit (Profit) – the maximum profit within a single series of profitable trades and corresponding profitable trades;

consecutive maximum loss (number of losses) – the maximum loss within one series of unprofitable trades and the corresponding unprofitable trades;

Average consecutive profit – the average size of profitable positions in a consecutive profitable series.

Average consecutive loss – the average amount of unprofitable positions in a consecutive unprofitable series

The MetaTrader-EET trading platform indicates GMT+2 and during DST GMT+3

You can manually enter any lot you want, starting with 0.01 lots and with the extra step of 0.01 lots. For example, you can enter “0.12” or “0.03”, this can solve that potential problem.

To see the full list of available ticks, please select the “Show all symbols” option from the right-click menu in the “Market Watch” window. It is recommended to repeat this process at least once a month, because new contracts are added regularly, and some of the expired contracts (i.e. futures) are removed from the list.

Although the Swiss global brokerage company attaches great importance to the stability and security of its trading systems, there is always the possibility of errors or malfunctions occurring with the Internet and other technology systems that can be prone to those issues. In such cases, Swiss Global Brokerage strongly recommends that each client familiarize themselves with the additional trading opportunities available, such as installing the trading platform on another laptop/PC or downloading the mobile trading platform app on a tablet/smartphone. In the event that the online trading facilities of the Swiss Company are not available to the Client, the Swiss International Financial Brokerage Company provides the possibility of using Telephone Trading Service to execute the Client’s trading orders (as an emergency measure only). And you can communicate by phone with the Swiss International Financial Brokerage Company 24 hours a day from Monday, i.e. Friday, at this number 0096522431418. For these purposes, each client must provide their own account number (a Metatrader account opened with the Swiss International Financial Brokerage Company) and a phone password. Customer requests are only accepted after verifying the caller’s credentials.

MetaTrader 4 on the client computer version can run on all Microsoft Windows based operating systems. There is also an available version for MetaTrader 4 pre-loadedd to work on MAC. Hardware requirements vary between operating systems, but a modern computer in good condition should not have any performance issues. As a general principle, the following specifications should be met at minimum: 2.0 GHz or faster CPU, 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), Screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher, Modem / Connection speed 36.6 Kbps or faster – A stable high-speed connection is highly recommended.

Transfers usually take between 2-3 business days to reach your trading account.

The withdrawal process takes between 2-3 business days to reach your bank account.

Using your country’s bank transfer instructions, you can deposit through:

1) Bank transfer through your bank branch

2) Online bank transfer

3) Automated teller machine

Our Introducing Broker Program is an excellent opportunity to get a new source of income or get commissions by introducing new clients to the Swiss International Financial Brokerage Company.

Swissfs Company for Direct Trading in Currency, Metals and Commodities has all the tools you need to succeed as an Introducer Broker. All you have to do is contact us. We are always ready to discuss the best way to start our mutual partnership. Feel free to contact us and learn more about the Introducer Broker Program via email, chat or phone call with one of our specialists.

All you need to do in order to open a real trading account with the Swiss International Financial Brokerage Company is to <click here> and enter your personal information, then sign the required documents such as Government issued ID, passport, or residency permit.

To open a demo account in the Swiss company, please <click here> where you will be able to open a demo or even a real account and manage all your transactions.

The Swiss company is proud to provide traders with unparalleled services and support in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. Therefore, we have set a minimum of $500 for all deposits, which is equivalent to 1,890 Saudi Riyals, provided that the conversion rate is 3.78

For example: 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 3.78 Saudi Riyals.

Fill out the form and email or fax it to us. Your withdrawal will be processed once we receive your signed order during business hours. It takes less than 2 hours for the funds to appear in your bank account after the withdrawal process is completed.

Effective on January 01, 2018, bank fees applicable to withdrawals as well as 5% VAT on bank fees will be added to all withdrawals.

Withdrawal exchange rate: 3.70

deposit exchange rate: 3.78

Example: If the bank charges are 10 SAR, 5% will be added, bringing the total fees to 10.50 SAR.

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